Max Building Systems

Introducing Max Building Systems

Is your organization looking to help the poor and needy in the development of proper housing around the world?


The development of the MAX building system will help the poor and needy obtain the home they need in order to live out their days in health and security.

The Max building system utilizes a specially formulated lightweight concrete panel that two people can easily pick up and slide into grooved pillars. These panels are simply slid on top of each other until the wall has reached the proper height.

Windows are then cut out of the panels and cement slurry is applied to the inside and outside of the walls which creates a very strong and durable structure that will stand the test of time.

The benefits of the MAX building system

Once the foundation and grooved pillars are set the community can build one home in only two days time! This action creates a stage for empowerment.

The specialized panel material is lightweight and everyone on a team can be involved in the construction process.

Because Max panels are lightweight it makes it ideal for areas that are prone to earthquakes such as Haiti.

Windows can be cut out of the panels like sawing wood.

The Max building system is cheaper to build then brick or wood because the labor of placing the panels can be done through the local communities.

Getting started

At present we are building homes in Cambodia and Madagascar, but our team can build around the world.

Please contact us at truth@eaipower.com for more information on how we can partner with your organization in building homes for the poor and needy of the world.

Thank you!

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