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  Aquaculture Development

Aquaculture or fish farming is the propagation of aquatic plants and animals for the benefit of human consumption. Aquaculture is not a new idea, the Chinese have been growing fish for thousands of years but today because of the depletion of our oceans resources aquaculture has grown into one of the fastest waves of world industry. Aquaculture is proving to be an excellent source of much needed protein throughout the world.

eat fishEAI builds fish farms with the impoverished of the world so that they can be empowered with a source of food and income for themselves and their family. Instead of creating another hand out we desire to empower people to break out of the chains of poverty through a practical demonstration of the construction of a fish farm.

The fish we raise is the tilapia. This fish is very prolific as it will produce 300 baby fish every 21 days. The tilapia also grows fast and is very hardy. It can be grown out in as little as 5 months to full size. In some countries like Cambodia people like to eat fish that are small so fish only need to be reared for as little as a month before they can eat their harvest.

fish farmIn order to raise fish we need to build a tank system that will allow the fish to grow and thrive.

One system that we use is called the “sand bag method” In which we fill sand bags with soil, lay them double high and then wrap heavy duty plastic over the sandbags creating a large pond in which people can grow fish for consumption and for sale.

Another method that we use in construction is the above ground feral cement tank system which is more high tech but allows for greater yields of fish production. In both systems entire communities can help with the construction and are empowered as they see the work of their own hands build a source of food and business where there was once just an empty field. Our fish farms in Cambodia are producing large quantities of fish that provide for the needs of our orphans and staff.

There are two ways to partner with us in helping to develop fish farms throughout Cambodia and around the world. The first way is through a “backyard” aquaculture system which is simply a small fish farm owned by one family which is made out of sandbags and plastic. Families can build and manage their own fish farm. This system can be set up for as little as $600. For a community fish farm which will provide food for an entire community of at least 100 people on a daily basis it costs $6000. Can you imagine how your contribution will affect the lives of people? Whole communities will be able to provide for themselves and their families for the first time in their lives.

If you are interested in helping a poor and needy family or community break out of the chains of poverty through the construction of a fish farm then please contact us at Or you can simply click on the donate button to sponsor a fish farm today!

If you would like to be the individual or organization that sponsors one fish farm then we will place a plaque near the fish farm, give you the GPS coordinates and have a dedication of the fish farm.

Thank you!


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