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  Anti-Human Trafficking

Child in need

Please rescue a Child out of Sex trafficking today!

Please save a child today from the ravages of sex trafficking in South East Asia. For your donation of $10 we can rescue a child and set them free into a new life of hope and love.

At EAI we rescue children in South East Asia out of sex trafficking.  Thousands of girls and boys are being stolen from impoverished countryside villagers by evil people who promise the families that they will be given jobs at factories in the city. 

GirlTo their horror the children are tricked into the sex slave trade and are never seen or heard of again.  When they resist they are beaten and tortured until they accept. 

Many children are locked up in small rooms for life to be sexually abused up to 10 times a day!  

Sometimes these children are on the streets and are owned by pimps.  We have rescued ten girls from the clutches of pimps so far.  We rescue them off the streets and bring them to a place of shelter, love, counseling and education. We also train them in life skills and handi-crafts.  These children are so thankful to be free! Please help us to rescue more children out of the chains of sexual slavery! 

PreventionIn addition to Rescue we are also involved in Prevention. We are giving awareness to thousands of villagers and warning them of the dangers of people who would try to trick them into letting their children "get jobs" at factories. 

FreeWe do this through speaking to large groups of parents and children and passing out picture brochures.  In addition we are establishing antihuman trafficking centers in the vulnerable parts of the countryside.  These centers serve as a means of education and a safe house for children who are at risk and have been reported by established neighborhood watches.   

We are also empowering these impoverished families by helping them to start gardens so that they can feed themselves and their families.

In South East Asia it is impossible to know the true number of children who are trapped in the sex trade but UNICEF estimates are that there are over 100,000 children trapped in sexual slavery today!

GardeningThey need our help today!

We have made it so easy for you to partner with us to bring deliverance to children trapped in the horrors of human trafficking. Your $10 gift will change the life of a child forever!

On behalf of the thousands of children that we can rescue from the streets of South East Asia,

Thank You!   

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