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  Home Building

home buildingIn many impoverished countries around the world homes are insufficient at best. Many communities are living in nothing more than bamboo shacks. Many times the walls are literally falling off.
These conditions make it very unsafe for women and children as anyone can reach in and steal anything or do bodily harm. Animals such as snakes and rats and insects such as mosquitoes can easily enter into broken down thatch walls. In addition, the elements such as wind and rain can easily enter in the home causing sickness and death.

Billions of people are living in abject poverty. Our desire is to go into these impoverished areas and build with the people entire new villages within a short amount of time using appropriatebuilding materials that are strong, cheap and easy to build with. Entire communities can be rebuilt within a short amount of time as all the people can get involved. We call this RAD or Rapid Appropriate Development.

A recent building project in which we completed in partnership with LIFE Outreach International ( was the homes for LIFE Project where we built 100 homes in Cambodia along the Vietnam border within one year. The people of this community were amazed when we came one day and asked them, “do you want a new village?” Within one year a village of 600 people had 100 beautiful homes to raise their families in. People are amazed and empowered as they see the work of their own hands create beautiful new homes to live in. These people had to help in hauling brick and other materials and they also helped by feeding the building staff. In this way the people were empowered as they have made an investment and it is not just another handout.

The Rapid Appropriate Building method can be used in impoverished countries around the world in development situations as well as in relief situations such as the rebuilding of Haiti. We can build in partnership with hurting families around the world a permanent home that will keep them safe from danger and the elements for $3,000 a home. If you sponsor a home we will place a plaque on it saying that it was sponsored in partnership with you. We will give you the GPS location of the house and send you photos of the family building and living in their new home.

If you would like to help empower hurting people throughout the world by partnering with them to build a permanent home then please let us know by contacting us as or simply click on the donate button and you can give today! You will be blessed knowing that you helped a child stay safe from the ravages of the cold and night.

Thank You!

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