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Empowerment Advocates International is a 501-c3 non-for-profit relief and development organization focusing on the establishment of water wells, aquaculture farms, home building and infrastructure development within impoverished communities around the world.

teachingBy building these projects along side impoverished communities and not just for these communities an empowered mindset is established.

These development projects are utilized as a "platform" on which to teach the poor not only how to break out of physical poverty but also how to break out of the mindset of poverty as well.

In this way we are helping to establish empowered and sustained communities rather than encouraging paternalism and dependency. 

One such example of this is our work in Madagascar where EAI worked in partnership with US AID to establish what we called Breaking the Mindset of Poverty Conferences. To date, more than 50,000 people have attended and ninety eight percent of those who had participated said that their lives will change forever from that point on.

During the conference we try to help people to open their minds to the world of possibilities and to forget the mindset of fatalism which states, "I am poor I will always be poor, I cannot change.”

We help people to establish a vision for their lives and then teach practical steps on how to accomplish this vision by transferring simple technologies that can be utilized to break out of poverty.

fishingOne of these technologies is fish farming. Fish farms can be built with in communities by the people. The communities see the work of their own hands become a success as they are able to provide food for themselves and their families for the first time.

Communities began to see that they can break out of the chains of poverty by implementing new ideas, hard work and determination.

We invite you to become a vital partner in one of the many ongoing empowerment projects that EAI is establishing around the world. Whether it is a fish farm in Cambodia or home building project in Madagascar your contribution will bring real and lasting development to communities around the world.

If you would like to become a partner in helping to break entire communities out of poverty around the world then please click on the donate button on this website to find out how today!

Thank You!

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